The farms history

As the other houses and farms in Sømarke also Havehøjegaard was owned by the local manor of Liselund.

How old the bouildings really are and if they have always beein where they are now, we don’t know. But in our documents the year 1873 is mentioned.

When we took possession of the place the buildings looked more or less like they did in the late 1980’s when the last farmers, The White Brothers as people called them sold the propery to a local farmer, who split the land from the buildings.

In 1992 a german couple bought the place and started renovating many of the buildings and also established the two apartments we now call Granddaddy’s House and Great Grandmom’s Home.

The family stotze owned the farm in the 1920’s and from their son who was born here 1929 know that also then people who wanted to spend their holyday on Møn lived here.

When we took over in 2014 we decided to continue the tradition of renting rooms for vacational quests and decided that Granddaddys House should be furnished in the 1960-80’s style and that Great Grandmom’s Home should be decorated according to style of the beginning of last century.

What we have taken over from the german couple is a place where time has stopped. The old horse-drawn carriages stood where the parants of the white Brothers left them after a working day in a time that is now history. The stables and the way they had been organized had not been changed since the day, when the last animals had been sent to the slaughter house and the last egg was collected in the hen house. The iron ring in the wall to which the horse was tied can still be seen, the harrow is placed along the hedge after beeing used for the last time in the field. If you take a stroll along the small stream under the old ash trees you completely lose the sense of time. These are the things and conditions that and in the process of necesssary restoration we take care to use the proper material and methods to preserve our treasures.

Castle of Liselund

Because of these qualtyies and due to the very fortunate situation, only 2 km from Møns klint ath the most romantic Castle of Liselund the vast forrest of the cliff and the outstanding, hilly commons, where you can get lost in magnificent views over the Baltic Sea, we believe that our farm highly recommendable as a place of retreatment. Here people from the large cities may find themselves and their roots. Here is very silent, specially out of season. Sømarke which is a small settlement of 40 houses and farms exude originality. The decay you find in other places of the socalled outskirts of Denmark is very limited here.

Dark Sky

Because Sømarke is surrounded by sea on three sides airpollution is very limited here. And as this part of the island is thinly populated you see only very little streetlight. Therefore a group of promoters have succeded in establishing an area which is called Dark Sky Park. Because large urban areas like Copenhagen, Berlin and Hamborg are far away you can enjoy starlight round the circle all the way down to the horizon.

The former owners of our property loved trees, bushes and flowers, and that is why you gearround are able to enjoy our garden by taking a walk.

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